I have begun publishing soft-cover,inexpensive books via HP's site MagCloud since hearing of this from my friend Ted Orland. The biggest benefit of this service (versus Blurb and others) is the low cost of publication. In addition, the color quality is excellent. Each book comes in either a paper copy volume or as a digital version which can be viewed on your computer and also looks great on mobile devices such as iPad, iPad Touch, iPhone, or devices with the Google Chrome OS. You can see all my MagCloud publications here.

In addition to the photography books, I offer an inexpensive MagCloud InDesign Template for $49.00, including both the User's Guide and the Template in CD form, to allow you to create your own books without the necessity of becoming an InDesign expert. See below for more information.

These volumes are in my new 12x12" square soft-cover format, with the same great color-managed printing as my earlier books but with even better quality paper. The books lie perfecty flat by virture of their wire-o binding. The images are twice the area of those in my 8 1/2x11 books.

These are value-priced coffee table books offered for $34.95 for print or $16.95 for digital.

California is a 68-page book with images from my California, including the coastal hills, Pacific Coast, Death Valley, Yosemite, and the High Sierra.

Abstracts is a 68-page book with selected abstract images from worldwide locations.

The Southwest is a 68-page book with images from my favorite desert locales, including Utah, Arizona, and Death Valley, CA.

Serenity is a 66-page volume with images full of life and health, from Yosemite, California, the pacific coast, and other locations.

Portfolio 2013 is a 66-page compendium with 64 of my favorite works. Locations include Yosemite, The Southwest, the Pacific Coast, Southern Africa, New Zealand, and others.

The Southwest


Portfolio 2013 12x12"

These soft-cover books are 60 to 64 pages with beautiful color-managed images.

All are priced at a reduced price of $19.95 for print and $3.95 for digital.

California Yosemite Southwest

Two Images of Nature issues are also available:

Images of Nature: Two is a 76-page 8x11 soft cover book containing 72 of my favorite images printed one-per-page with excellent color fidelity.

Images of Nature: One is a 40-page 8x11 soft cover book containing 67 of my favorite images printed two-per-page with the same great color fidelity.

Each is priced at $19.95 for hard copy and $3.95 for the digital version.

I've had good reviews from other pros. You can preview the entire book before ordering on-line!

Image of Rex Naden: Two Image of Rex Naden: One

In addition to these photography books I am offering a MagCloud InDesign Book Template and User's Guide (both priced at $19.95) toallow you to create your own books without the necessity of becoming an InDesign expert.

The User's Guide is available for purchase on MagCloud (click image at right).

The Template is a CD containing 350MB with the following folders and files:

* Folder: InDesign Book Template Lightroom Catalog
The enclosed Lightroom catalog file InDesign_Book_Template_LR.lrcat catalogs the master files included in the folder rex_masters and provides organization for the book we will create in this User’s Guide.  For your initial pass through this book, I recommend you use these photo files.  For your second pass, use your own photos from your own Lighroom Collection.

* Folder: InDesign Book Template is your starting information for this User’s Guide.  You will copy this folder on your hard drive and re-name it.-InDesign_Book_Template_v4.indd is an InDesign file which is the starting point for this User’s Guide.  After you have copied its enclosing folder, you will open this folder and re-name this file.
-Folder: images full size- this and the next two folders contain images which are used by InDesign
-Folder: images internal pages
-Folder: images misc

* Folder: InDesign Book New-Title-Rex  This is the “answer” folder, the result of working through this book.  You may not need this folder, but feel free to refer to this if you want to check your own work.  This folder contains three image folders as mentioned above plus a
-new-title_v2_rex.indd  is an InDesign file which is the “answer” file, e.g. it is the result of working through this book.
-Folder: images full size- this and the next two folders contain images which are used by InDesign
-Folder: images internal pages
-Folder: images misc
-Folder: pdf: contains the file new-title_v2_rex.pdf which was exported by InDesign for MagCloud.

By using this Template, you may save yourself many hours of frustration and coming up to speed- and, you'll get your book published sooner!

Please contact me directly at rex at to place an order for this productivity tool.

InDesign Book Template
I am offering Catalogs of my Classes with Charlie Cramer. Each of 8 students offers 2 images and Charlie and I each add 2 images and the cover is from Charlie. Please take a look. May 2012 Ansel Adams Gallery Class June 2012 Picture Element Class
    Picture Element Class 2011 Nov
    Ansel Adams Gallery Nov 11 Class Catalog- 201107
Catalogs created for the Center for Photographic Art in Carmel. The Aerial Photograph Catalog was also carried by the Santa Barbara Museum of art in connection with their Al Weber Exhibition. 2013 JE 2012 Juried Exhibition Catalog Weber Catalog